Wednesday, August 10, 2011

back-breaking backyard

I know I've mentioned our backyard many, many times, but today my AMAZING visiting teacher Marita came over and helped us weed and it looks the best it has ever looked! We only worked on the upper part, but we weeded while Braeden mowed and we even moved the picnic table to mow underneath which was unprecedented. We weeded the hosta beds and dug out the volunteer trees and I just love Marita: she was such a champ! A few other people have offered to help us with our yard but when she showed up to visit tonight she already had her gloves with her so she made sure it happened. We filled five outdoor trash bins with weeds. Five! That doesn't even include the weeds cut down by the mower since they were just sprayed back on to the lawn. I would post pictures but by the time we finished it was dark out so the picture would just look like night-time. Maybe tomorrow. If my sore back will let me even get out of bed, that is...

But I'll have to get up because you know what else is happening tomorrow? MY BROTHER IS COMING TO VISIT! (Can you tell I'm excited?) It'll be so great!

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