Thursday, August 11, 2011

elder crockett

Today our friend and branch missionary Elder Crockett finished his mission honorably and headed home. When Braed and I were in the single's branch we fed the missionaries every Monday and Elder Crocket was here for like 6 months. This area was one of the hardest ones for him and we were able to see him come in, struggle at first, but then shine: we just love this boy.

Remember when we had him and Elder Watkins over for Easter dinner?

And the amazing wedding present they made for us?
We were lucky to know him and hope that he'll come back to visit Iowa sometime soon: he'll always have a couch to crash on and homemade pizza waiting for him at our place.

PS My brother Garrett arrived today and it's been great: crafting, eating, thrift store planning... We'll go on some actual adventures tomorrow and I'll tell you guys all about them. Promise.

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