Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how i spend my time

I spend a lot of my online time checking my usual blogs and wishing that people blogged more often and frequently, meanwhile neglecting my own lovely blog(s) to play Plants vs Zombies or watch Hulu or Netflix or take a nap, or sometimes several of these things at once. Clearly married life is life in the fast lane.

Sometimes I do get supa motivated though and do things like weed parts of our jungle backyard (which looks even worse than it looked when I moved in last fall). And lil' Braeden, bless his heart, sometimes comes and helps.

Can you see the row that Braeden mowed? So crazy.
Look! Our backyard looks sort of like a backyard again!
Other times I do things like cut up old t-shirts and braid them into rag rugs (it takes an insane amount of t-shirts to make a legit sized rag rug, PS) or work on changing a dress I bought at a thrift store from a pull-over to a wrap-around. Photos of those to follow at some point, I'm sure.

And, sometimes, I blog.


Autumn said...

Wow, your hard looks amazing now!

Yeah, I think it's funny because I think I spend more time watching people's lives than making one for myself haha.

steph goodson said...

Maybe one day you should dress up like an Indian and wear war paint and hide in your jungle of a could be fun. Things to think about. Maybe fashion your very own bow and arrow?