Saturday, July 31, 2010

paper wallet

Today my mom and I went to my friend Lizzy's bridal shower! Since I am morally opposed to buying lingerie, we carried on the tradition started by Stephanie and I of giving restaurant gift cards instead. Everyone knows that newly weds are notoriously poor, so we figured a gift card to be used on a couple's date would be perfect. I recently learned how to make a paper wallet, so I decided to make one in place of a lame card to house the aforementioned gift cards. It was a wild success, if I do say so myself. (And I do.)

It's a paper wallet!

Fits right in your hand. Also pocket, since it is actual, wallet-sized.

Money from the Bank of True Love.
Could there be more appropriate money for a bridal shower wallet?
I submit that there could not!

We got them a California Pizza Kitchen card (not pictured), and
a PF Chang's gift card so they can go out on dates even after they're poor and married.

In fact, the gift card they'll receive in the mail with come with a note that says this:
"You are married! Since you're poor now you can use this to get good food to eat & also have a date night to get away from the kids...that you don't have yet. Enjoy your freedom while you can!"
(I seriously laugh about this out loud ever time I think about it.)

Look at how much thinner the paper wallet is than my regular one!
Granted, it also only has 2 slips of "money" paper, and one homemade gift card. But still!

You can find the instructions at, though my version varies slightly from the original. (I made my wallet from one patterned sheet of 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and no tape.)

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