Friday, February 4, 2011


So Lindsey (who you may remember from the Beard post) and I have become pen pals since I've moved out here to Iowa and pen pals are one of my favorite things. She wrote me while I was in Utah on Christmas break and I have just gotten to writing her back this week: fail. Hopefully this fun letter will make up for the tardiness.

This is the front...

And this is the inside!
I made the cute girl on the right out of fun-shaped paper clips that I bought at Staples the other day. I'd seen them around and suggested to Gloria that she might want to buy a bunch of the ring shaped ones (ie the girl's head and hair in this interpretation) to use for my bridal shower invites (although I really should have no input here, sometimes I just can't help myself...). When Braeden and I were at Staples most recently I saw that they were on super clearance in a big bag with all the other "girlie" paper clips so I had no choice but to buy the whole bag. (It was only $2.50 for the bag and I saved $9997.40—at least, that's what the label on the bag claimed. Haha.) I thought Lindsey, because she is a girl and likes girlie things, might like them, so I made them into a picture for her: I'm sure she'll be getting more in her next letter, too.

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Wendy said...

Oh, she will love it! She's been checking the mailbox!! :o)