Thursday, February 3, 2011

the ring

Due to popular demand (cough Erica cough Autumn cough), here is The Ring:

I love it. We got it off Etsy, of all places, and it's a vintage ring from the 1940s. We're pretty sure it wasn't meant to be an engagement ring—there's no obvious way to fit a wedding band to it—but it is perfect despite that minor detail.

I love that it is vintage, I love that it is A-symmetrical, I love that it is so unusual. And I love that Braeden gave it to me.


Erica said...

One ring to rule them all and in matrimony bind them!

It's fabulous, dah-ling. Just gah-geous.

Autumn said...

That is beautiful, unique, and very much like you.

I love it!

The Martin Family said...

Cassie, it is GORGEOUS! I am over the top, crazy excited for you guys! You are SO perfect for each other!

The Smiths said...

LOVE the ring. It is amazing! also, congrats! I'm so excited for you!!

N said...

That is totally gorgeous. The picture Braeden sent me didn't do it justice. Also--who needs a wedding band?? I don't have one. Maybe for a future anniversary you can get a custom made one.

Andrea said...

YAY! You're engaged!!! That's so awesome. When's the big day? Congratulations old roomie!