Saturday, January 15, 2011


Braeden got me a beard for Christmas. And I shared it with the world.

This is Luke. His Amish-type interpretation was especially apt since that day his parents were having their custom-made furniture delivered that had been handmade by an Amish guy in Ohio.

Me with the beard (and intense stringy bangs) while Luke's mom Wendy laughs in the background.

When Little Matthew saw the beard he immediately ran and got his Santa hat. He looks like I like to think the young Santa looked at age 4. Adorable.

I think the beard fit Lindsey's face best. You can totally tell she's smiling behind there!

Garrett looks like a swarthy sea captain. Ahoy, matey!

My mom thought my love for beards was a little strange until she tried mine on herself. "It's actually quite satisfying." I like how she twists her moustache and looks at the camera with that twinkle in her eye.

Erin thought the beard was the most ridiculous but you can tell that even she is smiling with it on.

I like Katie's beard interpretation. She reminds me of an amazing old man playing chess in the park. Not one that I've seen, just, you know, one that could exist somewhere...

Braeden's sister Vanessa. She really didn't want me to take this picture. But I did. And now I am posting it here.

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Wendy said...

The beard pictures kill me!!!!! :o)
Luke really does look Amish!