Monday, February 7, 2011

wedding bells and bathroom hells

This last weekend Braeden and I drove to Omaha, Nebraska for my friend Erica's wedding reception: you can read more about it at Braeden's blog. And, to even out his one picture of me, here is my favorite picture of him:
He was sitting on the smallest seat on the trolley. Haha. Adorable.
Then tonight, as I fiddled with hexa-flexagons and paper nonsense, Braeden cleaned my bathroom for me.

"What is that?" you say. "Did I read right?"

Yes. Yes you did. Braeden. Cleaned. My. Bathroom. And, tell you what, it was in dire need of it. How did I ever get so lucky? Gosh I love this boy. And, apparently, he loves me. Enough to clean my toilet. With his hands. (I know: gross. Hasn't he ever heard of a toilet brush? But this is how he was taught to clean a toilet. And I still love him. Even though his hands still smell like bleach.)


N said...

Oh yeah, that's how Momma always taught us to clean the toilets--but I use a brush now. By the way and for future reference; he was in charge of toilet cleaning for years and years at our he's REALLY good at it, if yaknowwhatimean.

Cassandra said...

Haha. Yeah, he told me that, too. Pretty lucky for me he's so good at it since cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite of all household chores. When my friend Stephanie and I were roommates we made a deal that I would do all her dishes if she would always clean our bathroom. It was a perfect set-up.

Anonymous said...

Louise Smith told a story recently in scripture group about cleaning a toilet of someone in need with her hands because that's all there was and she felt it akin to when the savior washed his apostles feet. It was very moving. "Greater love hath no man..."

My Worthless Degree said...

My first thought -- "Cassi has her own bathroom?" My second thought -- "That's disgusting." My third thought -- "Cassi has her own bathroom?"

Cassandra said...

Jacob, this was before we got married and I lived alone. So, yeah, I had my own bathroom. Ha ha.