Sunday, May 30, 2010

project #26: cardigan pocket

I love pockets. That's a fact. One of the reasons I wore boy pants mostly growing up is because they have better pockets. (Also they weren't as tight.) You may remember this gray cardigan from project #1. I'm still wearing it, even though the weather's started to get warmer, and while I loff loff loff it, one of the things I've always felt it was lacking was a pocket. I usually carry my cell phone in my back pocket, but sometimes when I'm babysitting and I'm holding a child and it buzzes it's just too hard for me to pull it out to see if it's their mother calling to say that she'll be home soon and can I get the kids ready for swim class? When I'm wearing a sweatshirt or another cardigan with front pockets it's so much easier to pull out. So I decided to add one to my favorite keeps-me-warm jacket.

The pocket itself is actually made out of the sleeve of an old t-shirt of mine. Both the shirt and the cardigan originate from the same old boyfriend, though I've finally admitted to myself that I've outgrown the shirt. Sad day. I do however love the fabric of the shirt (as well as the fact that it has my face on it), so I wanted to try and preserve it in some way. I cut the sleeve off, did some folding, cutting, and sewing and bang! instant pocket. The cool part about it being a sleeve, though, is that I kept it doubled so it's actually a secret double pocket! Secrets! Double! Pocket! My favorite!

I have some plans for the rest of the shirt—I'd like to preserve the portion with my spray-painted face if possible (it's inspired so many other shirts that it would be a shame to lose the original completely). We'll see if those other plans ever materialize.... But, in the mean time, I will be enjoying my new pocket. Fo sho.

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