Sunday, May 2, 2010

project #1: a button, a button, who's got the button?

Project #1! Ok, ok, so it's not a book. It's not even all that impressive. This button had fallen off my cardigan a few weeks ago, which was sort of a problem because a) I wear it like all the time and b) it was already missing 3 buttons so the few that are remaining are important!

When I told my mom that sewing this button on would be my first of my 31 projects, she told me that it didn't count because it wasn't creative, it was just sewing a button onto a sweater. SO I made it all fancy-like with some embroidery curlies. Take that!

Originally I was going to do the embroidery with gray thread, the same as I sewed the button on with, but because of the knit material the thread literally got lost in the sweater, so I switched to something brighter. Looking at it now I probably should have re-sewed the button with the same color thread to kind of tie the two elements together, but oh well. It'll be hidden when the cardigan is buttoned anyway so it's not super vital. PLUS it's been so hot here recently that this little baby might be getting packed away for the summer anyway. REGARDLESS, here we are, day 2, project 1 complete. Done and done.

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