Thursday, June 3, 2010

i admit defeat

Ok, ok. I admit it: I did not complete 31 projects in 31 days. I just didn't make it. But I did get super close! I blogged about 26 projects and I have at least 3 more that still haven't been posted, but even so that only brings us to 29 projects total. Sad day. But it's ok because I still got lots of stuff done and I learned things about myself. And, as Stephanie always says, every day should be a learning day!

I learned that it is way better to be doing something in the time I'm not working instead of just watching tv shows online, even if I think I'm so tired I could fall asleep at 8 pm (because I will never, ever actually get in bed before 11 pm). I learned that I love making things, not just books, and sometimes making other things is even more satisfying that making books! (Is that ok to say? I still like making books too, just maybe not all the time all the time.) I learned that sewing never takes as much time as I think it will (except when the machine freaks out and then it's just best to walk away and come back later), that pictures are best to take right after I've finished something, and blog are better with stories and the good ones take longer to write than I think they will. I learned that sometimes the rewards of having at etsy store are just so that I can say that I have one and not to actually sell anything (in other words, I'm a terrible promoter but I'm not thinking about that right now). I learned that it really is better to measure twice and cut once. I learned that maps are the most fun kind of paper and that they are everywhere. Also that rubber stamps can cool, not lame. I learned that some projects take longer than others but that doesn't mean that short projects aren't fulfilling. I learned that the longer I sit and stare at my work table the less inspired I am to go back up there the next time: when I'm tired, I just need to leave. I learned that even though I have a craft room I still craft all over the house and always manage to leave my scissors in the kitchen when I need them on the third floor, and vice versa.

I learned that I like being crafty in my own way because crafting make me happy.

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Autumn Lynn said...

The stuff you make it also really cute :) Projects are hard to finish up, I think it's awesome you just kept on going.