Saturday, May 9, 2009

an epic tale of rejection and triumph

So after reading for an hour in the courtyard of the JFSB today, (with only a brief break to make a cameo appearance in some random kid's video for a usage class—"Be creative with your ellipses!!!") I was enhungered for food. J Dawg food, to be exact. And I decided that, since I'd been alone at work all morning (meaning my first meal of the day was a jamwich in my truck and lunch was yoghurt and granola in class) I didn't want to eat dinner alone. So I called a friend to come with. He couldn't. So I called another. And another. Seven phone calls/texts/gchats later I was still without a compliment to my dining duo. Really? 

So I decided to just suck it up and go on my own, something I've been trying to be less wimpy about recently. As I walked through Campus Plaza to drop off my (late) rent check, I decided that as one final attempt I would stop by my friend Autumn's apartment on the off chance that she or her roommate Rachel were home and would 1) be hungry and 2) want to come with me to J Dawgs. And... success! Autumn was home with her boyfriend Trace (I adore both of them which they know and if they didn't they do now because they are 50% of my faithful blog followers) and they fulfilled both of the aforementioned requirements! 

Autumn and Trace are one of those couples that I love. One of those couples that you see together and you think, "Of course! They are perfect together!" AND they don't make you feel like a third wheel when you're with them. I am finding that I am having more and more friends like that recently which is both awesome and slightly strange.

So the three of us walked the half a block over the J Dawgs, ordered 1 beef and 2 Polish, and ate them with relish (the adverb, not the condiment). Trace had never been before and Autumn had only been once before so it was sort of a record-making meal. Earlier Trace and Autumn had expressed a desire to go to the dollar theater tonight, so when we finished eating they called up Trace's roommate Brad and we made a double date of it. We went to see Coraline (based on a book!), which I've been wanting to see actually, and it was pretty good. It definitely wasn't as much of a kid's movie as I thought it would be, but the animation was pretty incredible and though I felt like it dragged a little bit it mostly kept my attention. Also it was scary. And there was an awkward burlesque-type scene which was, of course, completely unnecessary. 

Afterwards we went back to my house for popsicles (since we had earlier discussed where the expression "Let's blow this popsicle stand" came from since none of us has actually seen a literal popsicle stand before) and it was fantastic! I had a great time just sitting and chatting with those 3 lovely people and it was totally worth the septimal (meaning seven times) rejection I had experienced earlier. It was an evening filled with j dawgs, animation, popsicles, laughter, and friendship all around. Here here!


Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

remember when you took me to my first j dawgs? how soon you forget... jk. kirsten's wedding, cardigans!!!

mustdestroyalltraces said...

hardcore. thanks for the blogtastic shout-out.

yes... j-dawgs was very nice, but the burlesque scene certainly a bit excessive... and the button eyes were creepy...

outside of ol' button eyes, though, twas indeed a delightful evening. thanks again for stopping by and initiating the whole thing.

Cassandra said...

Sydney, an elephant never forgets.

Trace, what more can be said? You and Autumn complete me.

Autumn said...

Those are some rather nice words, you are so sweet! It's very easy to be around someone who always sees the best in people and it's a plus when you have so many endearing traits to go with that! Thanks for thinking of me to go do something with!

chaela ann mcdonald said...

I just went there the day before I left.

I finally enjoyed it when I ordered what I thought would be good instead of what everyone tells me to get.

I decided J-dawgs is akin to the LC's5DH&R (Little Caesars $5 Hot and Ready) in purpose and mission.

Sydney Vivian Lambson said...

Chaela, I don't understand the correlation. I think you just said it because you wanted to use the acronym