Sunday, May 30, 2010

project #25: map basket . . . sort of

So remember that map basket I made that I liked so much? Well I had a bunch of maps left over (and I still do) so I thought I would try and make another one. I decided that I wanted this basket to be long and skinny instead of squarish and tall. Good plan! Clearly that didn't happen. I realized pretty early on that it wasn't taking the shape I had expected it to, but I thought I should just keep going and see what would happen, if for no other reason that to check another project off the 31 list.

It reminds me of half an egg shell, like the egg's been broken open and this is all that's left. A rather angular egg, that is. I almost (almost!) want to make another one and fit them together or something so it could be complete. When I was finishing it off I started to make the sides a little higher, but realized that some of my weaver's weren't long enough so they wouldn't make it. At that point it looked a little bit like a baby basket, which was kind of cool too. What I learned from this project? Even if you think you can make your weavers different lengths, it's pretty much never a good idea. It's way easier to have all your weavers the same length, then cut them down afterward than to start with some of them too short and have that limit the shape your basket can take. Now I know for next time. (Although I still have no idea how to make that long skinny basket of my dreams.)

The first basket I made is currently serving the purpose of a desk top paper recycling in my room. Maybe I can use this new one in the craft room to hold things like fabric scraps or finished books or something. Or maybe something completely useless like the multitude of dominoes Garrett and I bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago...

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