Thursday, November 12, 2009

people climbing up, water falling down

Today we went on a hike up to a waterfall. I almost died because the air was so thin. False, but it did remind me a lot of hiking the Y my first weekend in Provo and not realizing that when you are up in the mountains as opposed to at sea level it makes it really hard to breathe.

The waterfall was up really high. It took us about 2 hours to hike up the mountain to the first waterfall. Some of the trail was almost vertical and we had to use tree roots and branches to pull ourselves up. It was awesome.

Along the way we ran across a field of cows.

Also a drinking trough for the cows made out a recycled tire and filled with water pumped from the waterfall up above. Uhm, yes.

Once we got to the waterfall I discovered my initials already carved into a rock there. Clearly someone in Ecuador is not-so-secretly in love with me.

While we were up at the waterfall it began to rain. This made the hike down a bit slippery and muddy (though I slipped a lot I did not ever fall—unlike some others I know. Bonus points for Cassi! Reminded me a little of our zip lining adventure, though not as muddy). These shoes used to be white.

After the first waterfall we hiked back down to the house where we had lunch, then hiked up to a second, smaller, closer waterfall and jumped off a rock into the freezing cold water. The rock was not very high at all, probably only 6 feet above the water, but I was afraid to jump. But I did. And scraped my foot on the rocks below because I didn't jump out far enough. This is my splash.


steph goodson said...

My favorite part is the field of cows! I love cows, I'm glad you took that picture.

Autumn Clement said...

These photos are so beautiful and so are you! I seriously can't do the high altitude + hiking thing without throwing up. A lot.

I wasn't expecting the cow, I think I was expecting something more...exotic?

megalicious said...

You stupid low altitude people and your inability to breathe when oxygen is sparse.

Jace Wickman said...

looks like good swiming to me.
the waterfall that is.