Thursday, November 19, 2009

the times they are a changin

Today we leave Cuenca and go to Quito. Tomorrow we fly from Quito to the Amazon. Tuesday I fly home. There is a lot to say but since there have been lots of power outages recently (no water=no power=no wifi) I won't be able to upload any pictures to my blog until I get home. Try not to cry. However, here are some teasers to get you excited about future entries:
  • I ate cuy and contrary to popular belief it did not taste like chicken: it tasted like duck.
  • I said good bye to the kids and while I teared up a couple times thinking about how I wouldn't see them probably ever again I only came on the verge of really crying right as we were leaving the orphanage and Enaro said, "No llore. Los niños les gustan mucho." Don't cry. The children love you a lot.
  • Although I was able to make it down to Ecuador by carrying on my guitar and one suitcase and only checking one other suitcase, coming home I somehow have to check 2 bags and carry on my guitar and another smaller bag. How did this happen?
  • I will be home in 5 days.

PS The power went out while I was writing this entry and I had to continue it 3 hours later when it came back on again. Good times.

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Autumn Clement said...

I can't imagine becoming so attached to those little people and leaving. I'm sure a little bit of the same experience awaits you if you would still like to become a teacher at the end of every semester though.