Thursday, October 15, 2009

cuenca canopy

Today we went on a field trip to the Cuenca Canopy! (That means zip lining!)

This is me before the journey. I am ready to conquer any zip line that crosses my path! (There ended up being 6!)

I remembered Duck Face. I win.

This is me on one of the shorter zip lines. Note that it looks as if I am wearing white, knee-high socks. Do not be deceived, those are just my legs.

After it was all said and done. Note the muddy pants: some people maybe slipped a little on the short trails connecting the zip lines. It is not their fault: it was raining heavily making the trails almost impossible to climb at some points. Emily was towed up the mountain at the very end by three of our guides and Roddy and almost didn't make it because she was laughing so hard.

The whole group. We are quite triumphant. Note that everyone else is wearing blue or brown or another darker color. I am in red. No big deal.

Our main guide/owner of the Cuenca Canopy. Quite a man.

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Maria Jose said...

We're are glad you had a great time, and hopefully come and visit us again since we now have zorbing available as well.