Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the other blue couch

Remember how we got rid of our old blue curb couch and replaced it with a "new" blue curb couch? Well today Liza decided that she loved it so much she could just eat it! (Slash she was trying to get her chew toy out from behind it and pulled off a piece of the couch skirt trying to get at it.) Here's a questionable before picture of the couch:
I think this is a picture of it half steam cleaned.
Why are there no before or after steam cleaning pictures?
Good question.
You can't see it in this photo, but that bottom right corner of the couch skirt was a little tenuously attached to begin with, so a puppy tug unsurprisingly pulled it right off.

So, after inspecting the couch and noticing that it actually had rather attractive wooden legs, I borrowed a staple gun from the neighbors and pinned up the skirt to show them off! (Sexy, right?)

Here's what it looks like now:
Not too shabby, right? (I mean, aside from the uneven coloring from sun bleaching and the somewhat lumpy seat cushion...)

Plus, now it compliments our other crushed velvet, wooden-legged, thrift store found furniture even better. See?
Look! Wooden legged furniture!
(With a few puppy legs thrown in for good measure.)
I also used the staple gun to pin up some loose upholstery flaps on the other furniture too and everything looks so much cleaner now. I noticed on our orange wing-backed chair it looked like a previous owner had actually cut what looked like a chair skirt off of it and now all that was left were a few obnoxious hanging down bits that I stapled out of their misery.

I love how much more put together everything looks now! Makes me want to buy my own staple gun. (Though I think I tackled all the possible staple gun projects currently in the house, so I'm not sure what I'd do with it...)

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heidi.elton1 said...

Loved your creativity and love of used stuff!