Saturday, September 7, 2013

perla beads

Yep. So. I made these.

So I've been crazy busy with work (worked my first 12 1/2 hour day this week—yay?) but in my limited and precious free time I've been melty-beading like a crazy person. I've decided (apparently) that necklaces are the best medium for their practical application.

(Also, my puppy chewed the flowers off my favorite pair of fancy shoes a while ago so I replaced them with Perler bead thingies. I still haven't figured out how to attach them, but I'm thinking super glue?)


heidi said...

So at first I thought they were crocheted? beaded? a combination of the two? They look great! Very clever!

tess said...

Oh puppies chewing through shoes. I love these necklaces, though. I don't like many statement necklaces, but these are awesome. The green's my favorite, it looks almost like it should be a super hero logo. Then the gray is my also favorite. It's favorite as well!