Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the blue couch

This was one of the first pieces of furniture I acquired when I moved here to Iowa in 2010. I found it on the curb when I was walking back to the house from downtown. It was like new and I couldn't believe someone was just throwing it away! I was in no position to pick it up at the time, so I took the 2 couch cusions off and carried them the rest of the way home with me to discourage anyone else from claiming the it.

Braden was sitting on this couch playing his guitar when I first realized he was in love with me. And we spent much of our courtship on this couch, talking and cuddling long into the night.

When we got the puppies, they claimed the couch as their own in ways that only puppies do. After we were able to replace it with another curb couch (blue crushed velvet and fortuituously just what we had talked about looking for) we decided it was time to finally part with our now rather smelly floral couch. We called the sanitation department to come pick it up and put it out the night before pick up to help discourage anyone from taking it home. No one wants a dog couch, right?

So now, 3 years, one marriage, and 2 dogs later, it's back on the curb. And once again I'm hoping no one picks it up...


Mrs. Lemon said...

Couches are family, too.

When Mike and I were dating, the only opinion he had about home furnishings was this: he wanted a corduroy couch. He is colorblind, so that was up to me. But corduroy. Had to be corduroy.

When we were planning our move to Texas almost two years ago, we had no furniture except for a wooden double bed I inherited. I scoured Craigslist in the days before our move, and on the very last page of the furniture-by owner section was a beautiful, like-new blue corduroy couch.

'Twas fate. That's when I knew the heavens approved of our decision to move south.

Not really. But it is a great couch and I'm happy to please my partner with such a useful thing.

Cassandra said...

That's a great story, Hilary. My grandpa had an amazing blue corduroy-esque couch that I loved for years. It was a seventies wrap around couch with thin, wooden legs and I thought it was very cool. I told my mom that if ever he wanted to get rid of it that I was his girl! (Don't worry that I lived in NJ and he was in Utah and I was still in high school at the time.) Sadly after he remarried he and his new wife redid his home to make it "their home" and they reupholstered that beautiful couch, turning it into a puffy floral mess. It was all I could do to keep from crying when I saw it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I get it. Blue corduroy couches are some of the best.