Tuesday, April 3, 2012

craft show

On Saturday, March 31st we did our second craft show! Our friend Alyssa (the one who came to Chicago with us) came to help in the morning until mid-afternoon and it was so fun to have her there! That's one of the most important rules of craft show-ing: good company is a must.

For this show we did a make and take craft (we made InstaBooks, of course) and it was a smashing success! It was far and away our most popular thing (our best-selling button earrings were a distant second) and it was just fun to spread the gospel of InstaBooks with the world. I made a hand-out to go with the craft and was immensely pleased with how it turned out. The front of the handout had illustrated instructions for how to make an InstaBook and the back had a short list of suggestions for variations. Braeden hand copied the instructions from the handout on to a poster (see pictures below) that we could display at the booth. We also provided rubber stamps and stickers for people to use to decorate their InstaBooks. It was fun to see the kids get so excited about the books, though admittedly most of them used the books just as sticker books more than anything else. There was at least one girl who was so excited about the InstaBook concept that her mother was sure all her scrapbook paper would be gone within the week.

Check out that beautiful banner courtesy of Melissa Eaton:
it looks so profesh!
This is me laughing because Braeden made a funny
face while taking the picture.
Some of our wares...
Some more! (Can we tell we like food boxes...?)
The make and take station.
Brown paper was the best idea.
We're looking forward to the next craft show with bated breath!


Autumn said...

I always go to my mother-in-law's booth and help her set up and sit with her during her fairs. They are so much fun, it's nice you had a friend to sit with you! :)

Cassandra said...

They are fun! And friends always make them even better. What does your mother-in-law sell?