Thursday, April 5, 2012

easter egg mail!

Today I mailed some Easter eggs: no big deal. I got the idea from this blog I follow called Giver's Log. She does these great little posts about things you can send through the mail that are 13 ounces or less and, you guessed it, Easter eggs are one of them! Below are a picture of her eggs with postage and then my eggs sans postage.

Via Giver's Log.
The blurred out labels are the private addresses,
not just smeary messes.
I brought them into the post office and I was a little worried that they wouldn't let me mail them, but it was no problem! I'd weighed them at home and they were half an ounce and sending them parcel post was $1.95. I asked if we could use stamps instead of the little print-outs they do with the postage printed on a bar code, so we used 2 $1 stamps. Sure, that added an extra 5 cents per egg, but I think it was worth it, don't you? They looked really great all stamped up and ready to go! I hope my lovely pen-pal friends will enjoy them.

Side note about postage: all the new stamps coming out in 2012 are forever stamps! Isn't that wonderful? Now you can have all sorts of fun stamps that will never decrease in mailing value. (My favorites that I've been coveting for a while are the Pioneers of Industrial Design ones, but I won't let myself buy until I use up the stamps I already have: clearly I need to get mailing!)

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Missy said...

How awesome Cassi! My family and I might try this :)