Thursday, March 22, 2012


We couldn't sleep last night so Braeden and I build some things with our Legos from the Lego Store. Just as I was afraid of, since we didn't have a set of instructions we were following to build our creations (our plan was to make a house, a car, and a rocket ship), I found myself wishing I had more of some pieces that I hadn't even thought I would need (things like 1x1 pieces, more roof tiles, a bigger base plate, etc). Despite the material deficiencies, however, I think we did a pretty good job. I built the house and Braed built the car.

The house and car from the front! I like the fencing on the roof...
From the side so you can see the windows.
I was really pleased with how those turned out.
The view from the other side. I really like the corner window
and little garden hose box.
The Scientist checkin' out the flower bed.
The Scientist chillin' on the roof.
Here we've got the rest of The Gang driving in the car.
I like how The Guy is peaking out saucily
with his walkie-talkie.
The Gang from the front so you can see the driver,
The Post-Apocalyptic Punk Rocker.
And that's all. I wish we had even more Legos so we could build a million things! I'm maybe slightly regretting the fact that we didn't buy the Lego's Original set when we were at the store. Maybe next time...


Jess said...

You're such a good little homemaker, Cassie. :)

Autumn said...

This is amazing. We need to do this sometime :)