Saturday, March 17, 2012

one time, we went to chicago

We had Spring Break last week so we took one of our free days and went to Chicago with our friend Alyssa! We went to the Lego store, the American Girl store, saw The Bean, ate deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, and saw the former-Sears-now-Willis Tower. It was a fun-filled day. Check out some pictures after the jump!

The Lego Store!!!

Braeden loved it.

It's made out of Lego!!!

They had a thing where you could make your own Mini-Figs! So, of course, we did it.
Can you guess whose is whose...?

American Girl Place! Conveniently located literally next door to the Lego Store.

The Bean!

This is what it looks like inside when you look up. Can you see me?

Bean Braeden vs Breal Braeden: who will win?

Another dramatic face-off.

It's ginormous. And looks a little like a giant, floppy hat.

Eating deep-dish pizza for the first time.
Honestly? You can blame it on my upbringing, but I prefer New York style. Don't hate.
The Not-Sears-Now-Willis Tower! There was an hour wait to go to the top so we just looked at it from below. I can't believe this used to be the tallest building in the world. Crazy.
So there you have it! Our first real trip to Chicago. It was a beautiful, warm day and the crowds weren't too bad: there were only a few St. Patty's Day drunk old sorority ladies we had to recon with in the streets, so we called it a win.

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Erin Podolak said...

I was just in Chicago for the first time this weekend. I enjoyed the deep dish, but I don't consider it Pizza...same ingredients perhaps but worlds apart.