Saturday, November 5, 2011

a list

Things I've noticed about having short hair:
  1. My head gets cold, especially in the ear region.
  2. My hair dries in less than 5 minutes.
  3. To get rid of bedhead all I have to do is rub my head and it goes away.
  4. I never get hair in my eyes when I'm working on a project.
  5. I keep thinking my hair is up instead of cut off so when I'm trying on different outfits I'm really careful about pulling them off over my head so I don't mess up my nonexistent up-do.
  6. My face doesn't look as round as it used to: I think my sticky-up hair gives my face additional height.
  7. I'm still surprised when I turn my head sharply and my hair doesn't whip me in the face.
  8. My knit hat fits more snugly on my head because my hair Velcros it in place.
  9. Braeden says I look like a hedgehog because of my spiky hair and pointy nose: I've been called worse... (Much worse.)
  10. When I see other women with short hair I feel like we are part of a secret club that I didn't even know existed until now.

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My Worthless Degree said...

Velcro head. Welcome to my world.