Sunday, November 6, 2011


Braed and I did a practice pre-craft show set up today to get a handle on what I have, what I need, etc. We came up with an inventory and pricing list and made goals for additional things we want to get made this week for the show on Saturday. I am so lucky to have a husband as supportive and amazing as Braeden, and that's a fact. He took a task that had been niggling at the back of my mind ever since I said yes to this craft show invitation and brought it into the daylight to show me that it wasn't really a scary thing at all: he completes me.

Here are some photos of the tentative booth set-up. (Our dining room table is somewhere between 4.5-5 feet long, but the booth table will be 6 feet.)
The display as a whole...

A close-up of my new business cards!
You know, for my business.
I was really pleased with the idea to use these old Pepsi crates I already had to display various books.
I like the look of it and that the books fit so nicely inside!
This lil knit bowl that Braeden made will house the button earrings.
Behind the bowl is a cookie cooling rack I'm using to hang the dangle key earrings.
(You can't really see it in any of these pictures, but, trust me, it works!)
I was worried that I wouldn't have enough stuff but it looks like I'm going to have plenty. I feel good about the variety of merchandise and pricing we've got going on and hopefully the customers will like it, too! Pricing is what makes me the most nervous: I'm such a cheapskate and when I look at something and think, "Hey, I could make that" it makes me even less inclined to buy it from someone else. The catch when pricing my own stuff is, well, I actually did make it myself, therefore I wouldn't buy it from someone like me: it's a weird spot to be in. However, I think between Braeden and I we've been able to come up with some fair pricing. Cross your fingers!

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