Friday, November 4, 2011

hair affirming

Hey, Mikey! He likes it!
The reactions to my haircut have been overwhelmingly positive! It started off last night after my blog post with a text from my dear friend Jen telling me that I look amazing and Braeden and I are awesome (which is always nice to hear) and Erin, who I thought would be skeptical of the new look, texted me and told me that it looks really cute! And Braeden, because he is adorable, LOVES it and can't stop rubbing my head.

All of these positive affirmations were super important because I knew that as soon as I showed up at the elementary school with this lack of hair I was going to get some pretty blunt comments. They're kids, you can't blame them, but you have to be prepared. Here are some of the gems:
What happened to your hair? Why did you do that?!
You look like a boy.
I liked your hair better before...
Excuse me, Miss Man? I mean... What's your name again?
A nice surprise of the day was when a bunch of the kids were off-task and asking me about why I cut my hair and who did it and why would I do that and one of the girls who usually has a bit of attitude said, "It's her hair! She can do what she wants with it!" and went back to doing her math worksheet.

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My Worthless Degree said...

I love kids! LOL My favorites are "It's her hair, she can do what she wants with it." and "Excuse me, Miss Man? I mean . . . what's your name again?"