Friday, November 11, 2011


Last night I went to bed at 9:30 pm. I've been trying to get to sleep early all week, and I usually feel like I'm tired enough around 9 or 10, but then Braeden and I lie in bed and talk for like 2 hours and then it's midnight. But last night I actually fell asleep! Sure I woke up every once and a while to Braeden elbowing me to move over so he wouldn't fall out of bed, but other than that it was a great night sleep! A great 12 hours of sleep, in fact. It was lovely. Plus, I had a really weird dream where I saw Ryan Gosling (you know, of Young Hercules fame) and he was bearing his testimony about how he wanted to get his life together and go on a mission in a giant stake center that I have never seen where the pulpit had a spotlight and he had a huge beard and fluffy hair and I only recognized him later when I saw him in the gift shop where I was working (yes, in the church) where he was friends with someone in a wheelchair who I was pushing around the store and almost into things and then when they left my friend in my dream leaned over and whispered in my ear, "If I was evil I would pull that person out of their chair and pretend to be them so I could be friends with Ryan Gosling."

To be clear, I am not some kind of giant Ryan Gosling fan: in my dream I was a little confused about why he was there, but I didn't go introduce myself to him or anything (although I will admit there was a lot of staring). I think he's been on my mind because of this amazing blog I've been following recently called Feminist Ryan Gosling. I highly recommend it.

PS My craft show is tomorrow! Exciting/nerve-wracking/motivating. If you're around the Sycamore Mall in Iowa City any time tomorrow between 10 am and 6 pm you should come check it out!

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