Wednesday, November 9, 2011

homemade goldfish crackers

Today I made some homemade goldfish crackers! Well, they were really circle crackers. And they tasted more like Cheeze-Its than goldfish crackers, which was a bit of a sadness, but they were still good.
They look sort of like mini corn muffins, but that is not what they taste like...
I found the recipe on the Pinterest, but that one had you make a lil goldfish shaped cookie cutter to cut the crackers out with and I did not have the patience for that today, so instead I used an apple core-er I purchased last year to carve pumpkins with Martha Stewart style, then totally forgot about. Good times. The crackers were okay today, but they're supposed to get crunchier as they cool, so we'll see what I think tomorrow... Also, I think next time I might mix in some chili powder to give them a little zest.

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