Friday, August 12, 2011

making things

Today we went thrifting. I bought this picture for the frame because our other amazing frame that we used in our engagement pictures got thrown away by someone who had no business deciding if it should be thrown away or not. I don't wanna talk about it.

When we got home Garrett and I went on my Pinterest to find some crafts to do, which inspired me with how to use the photo in the frame. So I got some vinyl alphabet stickers, grabbed a smaller frame from a previous outing, and got to work.

It took me forever to get the spacing here right. Did you know that the word "dandelions" has 10 letters? That is a lot!
Then I painted it, peeled off the vinyl stickers and trimmed it down to look like this.
If you look close you can see the print showing through the letters ever so slightly.
Also, I got a haircut. It was just supposed to be a trim, but I'd been thinking about getting straight across bangs, so then that happened.

And I tried to take an artsy picture of myself. Or rather, I had Braeden take it. Eh.
Also, my brother is visiting! He made shrinky dinks while I worked on my frame thing. He also took this "selfie" while he was taking a crafting break.
I loff him.

On another note, I realized that a lot of my pictures have really crappy lighting because I do most of my work at night so I only have crappy inside-nighttime light. So I apologize. I should really work on that...

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