Saturday, August 13, 2011

iowa state fair

Today Braed, Garrett, & I went to the famous Iowa State Fair. And, before you ask, no, we did not try the deep fried butter. In fact, we never even saw anyone eating it, as far as we know. It was a tragic loss.

In other news, we did stop at the Lego tent and we did learn all about pigs and we did get funnel cake and we did get a deep fried Milky Way and a Twinkie, and we did blow some glass. So there's that.

And now, please enjoy our day in pictures (click on any image to enlarge):

Garrett chillin' in a shark's mouth. Just another day at the fair...
Braeden & Garrett Lego-ing it up!
Braeden built a space ship. Like from Star Wars. "Not necessarily from Star Wars, but probably."
I built a Japanese apartment. Because it is tiny.
Garrett built a robot which fell apart and then he threw it into the bin of parts in disgust. Braeden is holding a part of the rescued torso.
Braed & I put our creations on the special table to last forever. Or at least until a handsy kid gets a hold of them and destroys them for no good reason.
 We saw some large pigs. And petted some baby pigs (much cuter than the fetal pigs we dissected in high school bio). And then I spun a wheel to answer a pig trivia question ("What is a mother pig called?" "A sow!" [fist pump] "Correct.")...
...and with my accurate answer I won Braeden this tiny rubber pig.
Garrett got a powdered sugar funnel cake. I had some: it wasn't too bad. In this picture he has just burned himself on the hot funnel cake.
Braeden got a glazed funnel cake: it was nasty pants. (Though on this point he strongly disagreed with me and ate the entire thing.)
Then we signed the "Happy 100th Birthday, Butter Cow" card.
See? We're signing it! (Slash Garrett is eating funnel cake.)
Can you see my signature? After I signed I saw like a million other, better places to sign. Guess I'll have to wait another hundred years for that do-over.
Garrett signed ginormous. Can you see it? If not, you should probably get your eyes checked.
Then I got an "I'm a good egg" tattoo. I think my face says it all.
Here's a replica of the original Butter Cow.
Here's the Butter Cow from this year. And a family standing in front of it who I do not know.
Garrett & I did glass blowing! We were slightly terrified. And we were first.
This is the first one I did. didn't turn out.
She let me do another one!
(That's Braeden's finger on the left: he just wanted to be a part of it all.)
Garrett went next.

His was also awesome.
Then he bought a corn dog. I like how his pants match the booth.
Then he made this terrifying face.
Braed and I got both a deep fried Milky Way and a deep fried Twinkie. It was life changing.

Can you tell I'm trying to eat it before he gets any?
Here are our finished ornaments. Once we got home. She let me have my messed up one, too (for *cough* half price) which I thought was nice and Braed thought was a rip off. Oh well.
And that was our day. Now we are home. And our faces feel slightly sticky and sweaty, as if we not only ate fried foods, but also smeared them all over our faces. Delicious.


The Smiths said...

I like how in the lego pictures (and then again in the pig trivia pics) you and Braeden have the same facial expressions. You two are so cute together!

Cassandra said...

Ha ha. Thanks! I didn't even notice that we had the same expression in the Lego pictures, but we did realize that the open-mouthed surprise face was the expression of the day. I guess we are more alike that we even knew...

claire plimpton said...


and you guys.