Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday day

After church today I officially finished my poster project. When I trimmed down the poster I accidentally cut it a little too small to sit in the frame on its own, so I had to cut a piece of cardboard to go behind it which I attached the poster to with double stick tape so it wouldn't slide around. Then I had to attach a new hanger to the back because the original frame hung vertically instead of horizontally. Fortunately we had some frame hangers left over from our mirror wall project so it was no big deal. We hung it in our tiny entry way by the front door: I think it looks pretty cute.

You know what else is cute? Garrett came into my Sunbeams class today. When we finish the lesson I let the kids draw on the chalkboard: I draw lines on the board for each kid to have their own little section to draw in so no one draws over anyone else's drawing. Garrett got into it, too, and, since he's rather taller than a 3 year-old he got the top part of the board as his section. Don't you just love the picture of him and the kids?

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