Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i have been slacking...

...but only in the blogging department. Remember that book I promised you pictures of? Here they are!

This is called a Flag book. The top and bottom flags are overlapping  photocopies of duck and soy sauce packets and the middle picture fits together as a picture of me and the Braeden.

Here's the cover. I made the soy sauce rings and paper fortune cookie all myself.

You can see that the story of our first lunch date is told on the backsides of the flaps. Cute.

This is the book I made for my class tonight. It's a Jacob's Ladder book made from old cassette tapes courtesy of my lovely neighbors.

Here's a lil video of the book in action:

I was complimented in my class tonight about the lovely clacking noise the book makes when the tapes hit against each other. I hope you enjoyed that, too.

PS Check out the wedding blog for some fun updates on that front!

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