Friday, March 25, 2011

to do, to do

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with all that I have to do. The wedding is less than 2 months away (what? how did this happen?!) and the invitations have yet to be sent out (but it's ok because everyone who needs to know already knows...right?). We just got the cd of our engagement pictures yesterday, we still haven't picked a caterer for the Iowa City reception, haven't started growing our centerpieces yet, AND between birthdays and illnesses and road trips to home we've spent far and away beyond our budget this month. No big deal.

But I walked home from my first Library Sciences conference today (left early since things were a little slow, am planning on going back for the last presentation) and came home to my fiance having cleaned out The Beach Room (so named for the mysterious sand present on the floor when I moved in)—not a small feat considering how it had become the dumping ground for all things without a home. He also made paper silhouettes of mirrors that we've been collecting so that we can play with how we want to position them on our future mirror wall. He is the greatest. The best part? Every time I thank him for helping me or surprising me with something he simply replies, "I just want to make your life easier." Who could ask for anything better than that? I am so lucky.

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Autumn said...

There is nothing busier and crazier than being engaged. Good luck with it all and it all pays off because you know you have the right one :)