Thursday, March 3, 2011

sick face

I am still sick. Always fun. I was hoping by going to the doctor sooner rather than later (on my birthday as opposed to today) that I wouldn't get super sick, but sadly that was not the case. I've been sitting at home the last few days, leaving pretty much only to go to the doctor, class or to drive Braeden to school (he's been driving my car home at night since I've been feeling so crappy so to avoid paying for parking—why is there no free parking on campus?—I've been driving him to campus after he comes back over in the morning to check on me). It gets lonely. Surprisingly lonely. I opened the blinds today and that seems to be helping things.

I've been drinking lots of tea. One of the nice things about tea? If you drink enough of it and throw out enough used tea bags your kitchen garbage starts to smell delicious. Celestial Seasonings Pomegranate is my current favorite.

One of the things about being sick while you're planning a wedding is that you feel like you can't just rest. There's always so much to do and even though your teeth hurt from your sinus headache and your nose is red and dry from tissue burn you still think to yourself, "I might not be well enough to go to work or even get changed out of my pjs, but surely I'm not too sick to plan out the outfits for our engagement pictures, never mind that we had to reschedule them because I've been sick!" Clearly all logic flees in the face of itchy ears, a runny nose and a stuffy head.

Luckily I have a job where they understand if I need to take time off due to illness: sure since I get paid by the hour that means that I don't get paid for my days off, but it also means that I don't have a limited number of sick days I need to worry about using up. I am only taking one class this semester (which I was able to attend this week despite being ill) so I'm not behind in my school work. I have a wonderful, adorable, loving fiancé who takes such good care of me and doesn't get freaked out when I start crying because I'm tired and just so frustrated with not being able to do what I want to do (this my or may not have happened last night...). Even though I feel crappy I still have a lot to be thankful for, I just need to be better about remembering that. Also about actually resting...

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Braeden said...

I hate having to leave you there by yourself, all cooped up, feeling so sick. Curse this whole work and school paradigm.