Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day!

We had a blizzard blow through last night and this morning so we did what any self-respecting college/graduate-aged students do when we found out that classes were canceled: we had a sleep over. It was just Jarrod, Jacob, Braeden and I—a sausage-fest, as Braeden likes to say. Brian Hartley didn't come because he says that sleep overs are of the devil, and Gloria came for the movie with her friend Liz who was trapped in Iowa City because of the snow, but they trudged back to Gloria's afterward, stopping to help dig someone's car out on the way home: true good Samaritans. Jacob had never had a sleep over before and he was so excited: it was adorable. It almost made me wish we'd painted our toe nails and talked about boys...almost.

We watched the movie Dave, but before that the four of us played Gloom, a game of Jacob's where you want bad things to happen to your players and you can screw others over by giving them nice things, like declaring them "wonderfully well wed" and things of that nature. It was surprisingly complicated, actually, but I liked it. I think I would like it even more the second time. We watched another movie after Dave but I fell asleep 10 minutes in—surprising no one. In the morning we woke up to this:

Here was my house this morning. It honestly doesn't look all that deep until you look at the snow level against the front door. Yeah, we couldn't get it open. The only reason we could even get out of the house was because Gloria and Liz sort of swept off the snow by the side door when they came to return the shovels they borrowed to dig out that car. Lovely angels all around.

This is how deep the snow was by my car. I think I look pretty triumphant.

One of the great things about having boys stay the night? They help shovel in the morning! There's Jacob in his Homer Simpson pj pants, Braeden in his sport coat and mohawk hat, and Jarrod in his actual parka. What a team they make.

It's so windy that the wind sculpts the snow in really cool ways. This is a photo of the fin protruding from the back of my car. Adorable. Too bad we had to destroy it.

Here you can see just how deep the snow was on the car. So crazy.

Braeden's beard and moustache froze. I am so in love with him...

After we finished we came back inside and Braeden made us scrambled eggs and ham and cheese. Jarrod made his bread into smiley face toast. How does he think of these things?

Meanwhile, Jacob, so exhilarated from the news that he didn't, in fact, have to report to work today, ate a heaping bowl of ice cream. For breakfast. Normal things.
Later we played Clue then watched another movie—during which I fell asleep immediately. Then we all sort of got ready for the day (this was around 3 pm) and started work on dinner. More people came over, some left, we helped another friend across town shovel her cars out and watched another movie—Groundhog Day (since it is, in fact, Groundhog Day today). All in a day's work.

Snow days: they're not just for elementary school any more. And boy am I glad!

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