Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Braeden and I have recently become obsessed with a little show called Big Bang Theory. Jace introduced me to it years ago at summer camp, but after my mom bought Braeden seasons 1 and 2 on DVD for Christmas, it began to take over our lives. (We recently joined Netflix and, you guessed it, the discs at the top of our queue are Big Bang Theory season 3.)

The thing that pushed me over the edge in my love for nerdy physicists and their awkward social lives? The fact that they have a library card catalog in their apartment, just like me. Meant to be.


Erin Podolak said...

This is one of my favorite shows, Jim Parsons is amazing!

pieface said...

I like this show as well. And i don't mean that in a "I love Cassie and think she's the coolest so I'm going to agree with everything she says" kind of way. I just really like it. All on my own. And i like that you like it too. Because its fun.

Can you tell I'm tired?