Saturday, December 4, 2010


I did it. I bought it. The library card catalog that Braeden and I saw at the University surplus sale a month ago is now in my possession. And I am giddy with happiness. Was it 75 bucks? Yes. Is that a lot of money for me in my poor semi-graduate college state? You bet. Was it an incredible deal because anywhere on the internet they tell you if you can find one of these for anything less than $500 it's a steal? Of course it was. The guys at the warehouse said that this was one of the heaviest things they'd ever moved, so Braeden and our friend Jared (little Jared of the truck, not Jarrod of the strangely spelled name) were slightly intimidated at the prospect of trying to move it from the truck into the Beach Room (so named for the mysterious sand that coated—and continues to persist in dusting—the floor when I moved in in August). However, we are geniuses and figured that if we removed all those drawers first it would be much lighter and easier to handle. We were right. And Jared and Braeden are champs.

As a bonus to our trip today, we also found, fell in love with, and purchased this amazing wooden desk for the mere price of $10. An actual steal. The only problem? It is just half an inch too wide to fit into the Beach Room. Or any room in the house, for that matter, other than the front room. What a sadness. But for 10 bucks I don't mind it sitting out in the garage until I move into a different house with doorways wider than 30 inches. How I look forward to that day with bated breath...

Today was also our friend Kaitlynn's first gymnastics meet! (Meet? Rally? Event? One of those...) A bunch of people from the branch were there, including our friends Eric Larson, Jared (of the truck), Nikki and Kristan, all pictured here. The girls made these great signs to cheer Kaitlynn on, and we had fun embarrassing her since these signs were the only ones there. Love. PS Do you see Braeden being a creeper on the left hand side of the picture? Amazing. He looks like he will eat your soul. Also, that scarf he's wearing? Don't mistake it for a Hawkeyes scarf: it is clearly Hufflepuff.

I wore my stunning gold tights with jean shorts to show them off. Cold? Yes. Awesome with school spirit? Sickeningly so. I also wore a gold U of I shirt that Braeden and I bought yesterday at Stuff (along with the Iowa one he's sporting in the above picture) so I was all decked out. My only wish is that next time I can find a suit like the Greendale Human Bean from Community to wear so that I can really be one of the cool kids: terrifying.

Tonight we are going to one of Braeden's work parties. We are making a fruit salad and planning to leave around 8 so Braeden can work on his final papers for his classes and I can finish my Sunday School lesson. We are officially old people.

PS I've been back-blogging like a crazy person so be sure to check out the archives for this month so you don't miss out on the goodness!


claire plimpton said...

i knew as soon as i clicked on the photo of the g-meet that braeden's creeper presence would not go unmentioned in the ensuing blog paragraphs. also, you've more than made up for your week-long hiatus with all these posts. bravo.

pieface said...

Can you please fill at least one library cubby with chocolate pudding? Because how great would that be? Picture yourself at the library, it's 1986 and you're frantically looking for a little card with a number on it and instead you find chocolate pudding. Great day, right?

In Portland we have lots of chocolate pudding.

Anonymous said...

I love the desk! I'll bet it is wonderful. You can't use it in the living room/dining room? With all the papers that are graded in that house, and blogs that are written a desk would be so useful....
PS Braeden looks great in a jacket and scarf!

Wendy Sieman said...

That desk is fabulous! You can't wrap around the frame to get it in the door?

Autumn Lynn said...

I am excited to see your furniture refurb post if you do that to the desk.

Congrats on your library case- it looked great in the photos with the guest book!

Anne Welsh said...

I hope you don't mind, but I've just pinned your lovely photo to my Pinterest board of card catalogues -

I can't see a creative commons license on your photos, so if you aren't happy with my doing this, please just leave a comment and I'll delete the photo from my board.

It's just such a great picture of the joy of acquiring a card catalogue cabinet!

Thanks for sharing in your blogpost - obviously, I've linked from the pin to here.

Kindest and best


Lori Martin said...


I just located one EXACTLY like yours (in Maine). Had been looking for some time. Also paid $75 !!! Total steal!!! Do you know when ours were made? Did you refurbish yours or keep in in it's original state? Mine is currently in the basement awaiting Spring in Maine to take outside and work on it. No joke . . . . it weighs a ton !!! They warned us before picking up . . . . still weighs a ton without the drawers! Worried that it may put too much stress on my first floor beams in my house.