Monday, February 14, 2011

vamlumtimes is serious times!

Braeden always says this, but he pronounces it "vamlumtimes" instead of "valentimes."
Braeden was sick today (sad face!) AND we had the missionaries over for dinner so Braeden re-scheduled his secret Valentine's Day plans (I'm impressed that he was able to keep them a secret because normally he's not great at that whole secret-keeping-thing) which makes it even better because then it will be a REAL total surprise, BUT when I got home from work today these were sitting on the kitchen counter:
A miniature rose bush and a Japanese Peace Lily!
As soon as it gets warm we're going to plant it in the front yard!
 Braeden knows that I prefer live plants to cut ones (though, let's be honest, cut ones are pretty fun, too) so it was especially cute that he bought me these plants for Valentine's.

I have the sweetest fiancé. Fact.

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