Tuesday, November 2, 2010

welcome, beard-vember!

As you may or may not know, today is the second day into the wonderful month of Beardvember (also known as No-Shave-November). I would like to invite all of my beard-abled readers to participate in this lovely occasion to celebrate the manliness that is facial hair. (Ladies, you too can participate by not shaving your legs and/or underarms. Though, let's be honest, that is not nearly as fun as watching a beard grow. Follow your heart.)

I myself am lucky enough to be able to participate vicariously through a bet I made with my friend Jacob: if he doesn't shave his face the whole month of November, then I will wear the same outfit everyday of that month. Don't worry, he picked out the outfit and it is suitably ridiculous. (Though I did manage to talk him out of making me wear my green tutu.) Pictures to come soon. Be excited.

Braeden explained this bet to his first-year Spanish class that he teaches (they saw us talking in the hallway before class and thought that the hat I was wearing was weird...don't worry, I made it. Maybe it is a little weird...) and they all agreed that wearing the same clothes for a whole month is way worse than just growing a beard. I agree, but I also love beards so much that I am willing to make this sacrifice for my dear friend Jacob so that he, too, can come to the realization that all real men grow beards.

PS The much requested Braeden-written ode will be making its appearance on the blog soon. Promise.

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