Wednesday, November 3, 2010

by braeden

Ode to the Surprising

How glorious the azure of her eyes!
So like the sky, expansive, bright:
So kind and wise
When on my own they do alight—
And every other errant notion dies.

Her fingers are as graceful and as fair
As those of Ariadne; when
They brush the air,
The movements of her fingers then
Can captivate me, catch me unaware.

How quick her mind, how dangerous her wit!
With but a glance, she can disarm;
A clever bit
Of mental gymnastics and charm
And she will have you unable to quit.

Her laughter is a joy; the peals ring out,
A beauty far beyond compare
I'm not about
To make her mirth decrease; a prayer
To Bacchus—bringing smiles, destroying doubt.

How delicate her freckles, how divine!
The undrawn constellations there,
A grand design
That's framed by straight and flaxen hair,
A path that winds beneath her locks so fine.

Her spirit swells within her; it abounds,
Increasing mine as well. Her heart
Always astounds.
She's more than these; I cannot start
Defining her, not with just words and sounds.

I sometimes think I've solved this mystery;
But every single day
In some new way
She keeps surprising, twisting, and confusing me.

I think he loves me. What do you think?


Autumn Lynn said...

Like I keep saying...I'm a fan.

claire plimpton said...

mmmmmmpft. i never thought i'd want poetry written for me, but if that was about me, i'd melt.

Braeden said...

I do love you.

charissa said...

es fabulosa esa!!!

braeden e cassie sono meravigliosi :)

pieface said...

sittin' in a tree!!

Love it! "Dangerous wit!" "Flaxon hair!" "Delicate Freckles!" LM Montgomery would totally approve of this poem. And so do I.

People love poetry in Portland.

steph goodson said...

wow! he is a keeper! that was amazing, epic, and I'm a little bit jealous...just sayin

My Worthless Degree said...

This is what my poem would be like :

"Oh, Cassi, you so fine!
You so fine, you blow my mind!
Go, Cassi! (clap, clap, clap)
Go, Cassi! (clap, clap, clap)"

What it lacks in poetics it makes up for in clapping.

Heidi Elton said...

Anyone with freckles loves the freckle line. That is so endearing since freckles are rarely considered desirable. He makes them sound so lyrical and heavenly.