Friday, October 15, 2010

pictures from the recent past

I am going away to St. Louis this weekend and realized that I will most likely acquire a million new pictures and things to talk about, so I'd better upload these random pictures from the past now before they disappear in the nothingness that is my hard drive forever.

It was my friend Hillary's 22nd birthday so I brought her over my tutu for her to wear and help her celebrate. Because what better way to celebrate a 2-2 birthday than with a tutu? No way.
I made this center piece for dinner group on Sunday. I got the gourds at the Farmer's Market and the flowers at the cutting garden with Braeden on Friday. The runner is hand embroidered from Ecuador. Loff it.
Close up of the flowers, Don't mind the ones that are just a little dead already...
I made this bags yesterday for the Gloria. She had these blank totes just lying around and asked me to work some magic on them. I think they came out pretty ok.
The one in the middle has my face on one side and I HEART YOU on the other. Why? Because I heart Gloria. Fact.
Braeden and Jarrod. They are writing a ballad and call themselves The Bards. Or something. This is Jarrod's new facebook picture that we took today in my back yard.
These are the first books I made for my bookbinding class. I got an A-, no big deal. (I think the minus was due to the fact that I didn't put my name on them because I didn't even know that was a requirement. Good trick, Penny.)
That is all. For now at least. Enjoy.


Autumn Lynn said...

I'm a huge fan of this arrangement. How do you find the time to make all of these cute crafts? The bags and so cute.

My Worthless Degree said...


Anonymous said...

Love the bags! You are so creative and industrious. Just a thought. What if you took the I HEART YOU and changed it to a picture of an eye the word HEART and the letter U? It just flips everything you're expecting around.