Tuesday, September 28, 2010

green smoothie...it seemed like a good idea at the time?

So my dear friend Harold Miller (aka Stephanie Goodson) recommending this amazing green smoothie recipe to me. She RAVED about how great it was and how she's obsessed with it and it is the best thing ever. Green? Smoothie? Two of my favorite things: I had to try it. The recipe, as related to me by Harold, is as follows:
Take a blender. Fill it half full of spinach and add a little water. Then put either a banana or pear or strawberries in and blend it. It looks gross but tastes just like whatever fruit you put in. So healthy and good for you!
I tried some pears, since I'd bought some for this express purpose from this guy at the Farmer's Market on Saturday who had an amazing moustache. I also bought the spinach at the market and maybe that's where I went wrong: it seemed a little more substantial than the spinach I usually buy at the store. Here is a photo play by play of how it went:

Hmmm... It's really green. Also, a little lumpy...

Well, I'll try it anyway.



At least I tried it, right?
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't like it. It reminded me a lot of these green grass nutrition shakes my dad used to make when I was little: they smelled like a freshly cut lawn. I seemed to have had a spat of unfortunate ending recipes lately, which is always a bit disheartening. However, I might try the rest of the green smoothie as a popsicle, because everything is better as a popsicle: fact.

This is what I did this morning instead of going to work.


Autumn Lynn said...

Your hair looks super cute by the way. I never put pears or apples in smoothies because I don't like the texture or taste.

However, milk, bananas, yogurt, and any type of berries are always a great bet. I will have to try the spinach sometime...just not as much as that haha :)

steph goodson said...

haha you didn't like it? my roommate tried it and loved it to! well, maybe she didn't love it as much as I do. maybe you need to blend it longer? or put less spinach in? who knows. but good effort! also you are hilarious and I love you.