Sunday, September 26, 2010

favorite things

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person because I've taken to talking to myself and laughing out loud at things when no one is around, often much louder than I do when there are people present. It's not really my fault: when you live alone most times when you're at home you are alone. And that means not only is there no one present to share my surprise/shock/entertainment with, there is also no one to tell me to quiet down.

I've been doing lots of self-exclaiming and laughing today as I've been reading about my new friend Jacob's job at a pawn shop on his blog. (Warning: his blog has a built-in music player so if you are at work and/or in a place that you don't want music blasting out of your computer in an unexpected way, you might want to take a moment to mute your speakers before clicking on the afore linked blog. Once you are sonically prepared, however, please do check it out: your life will never be the same.) His stories are both hilarious and almost unbelievable in their sometimes absurdity, an impressive combination. Additionally, I sympathize with his useless degree feelings: that is how I felt this last year when I was taking care of kids and doing other people's laundry: I went to college, for this? Really?

Additionally, another new friend, Charissa (KUH-rissa, not CHUH-rissa. Obviously), recently shared this amazing paper clothes link with me (later I found this article that talks about it at greater length and made me even more enamored with it). I met Charissa last weekend at our LDS weekend party thing through Jacob: we complimented each other on clothing (her on my scarf and me on her skirt: "€5, Italy, no big deal") and, because we are girls, that made us instant friends. Also she is amazing.

I think the idea of paper clothes is so facinating—I especially love that these have the details drawn on them as opposed to sewn on and that some of them fold up into envelopes attached right on the clothes that also serve as decorative elements. I am so intrigued by the idea of paper clothes that I want to go and make myself a paper skirt. Right now! But I will try and restrain myself. (It will be easy since I don't have a sewing machine, or any Tyvek handy.) Maybe if I save up enough of those USPS Tyvek envelopes I could piece something together: that would be amazing! (Dear Pen-Pals: take note! You can help me achieve this dream!) It would also be very eco-friendly, another thing I love. A day of favorites, indeed!

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A. Taunya said...

I am also intrigued by the paper clothes idea. I think you could take the envelopes and sew them together in some kind of pattern and then cut out the skirt. I really like the concept.