Saturday, May 8, 2010

things that are free are like candy to me

Today my ward had it's First Annual Exchange where everyone could bring old clothes and things and they were all set them out so that everyone could bring home other clothes and things that weren't theirs to begin with. I knew that this would be dangerous for me to be around since I love both things and things that are free even more, but I went to support my lovely mother and help out with whatever needed to be done. We both vowed that we wouldn't bring anything home: "We don't need anything!" we declared. "Our house is already too full!" we reminded ourselves. "The point of this was for us to get rid of things, not get more!" However, these exclamations fairly soon turned to, "I'll pick this up as a gift for someone else. It's not really for me so it's ok." "Look at this! It's just so great! Just one thing won't hurt..." and "I don't really need this, but it's small and has so much potential to become something great, don't you agree?" Needless to say, we did indeed leave the exchange with more things that we had intended on bringing home. (Granted, the fact that we had made our initial goal zero did make this a fairly easy thing to fail at.) At the moment it is very late, thus natural lighting has gone to bed for the night, so I will take some pictures (tomorrow, perhaps?) and show you the things which I shame-face-idly adopted and welcomed into my already cluttered life. (Be excited! Some of these were selected precisely to be incorporated into some new books made by me!)

 ...And some of them were just so cool! (Sneak preview: I found a plastic-made-to-look-like-wood framed cork board that has a United States map printed on it. It looks way more fantastic than it sounds. Scout's honor. Just ask Garrett. He knows.)

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