Thursday, May 6, 2010

project #7: k'nex folder holder

As you can see, the table top in my "studio" (a fancy word for room in which I craft) is a mess. I clearly need to take some of my own advice: before you start another activity clean up the activity you just finished. This is what I tell the kids I babysit for and I'm sure they think that my own house must be super clean because I make them clean all the time. Clearly this is not true. But it should definitely be closer to the truth than it is. So, in an effort to be a more integral individual (ie babysitter) I crafted a craft that would begin to help me organize the chaos: I present to you (drum roll please....) THE K'NEX FOLDER HOLDER!

 I constructed this beauty based off of the basic design for the CD holder in the K'Nex Book of Big Ideas: Over 100 Fun Things to Build, page 60 ("Serious music lovers are going to need several of these K'Nex Cd Holders."). I basically just made the whole thing bigger. Also I added the support within the square panel so that the frame would be strong enough to hold the folders.

From the side you can admire the impressive stair-step construction that gives the holder it's classy tiered look.

And from the back you can see how the gray sticks are already beginning to bow from the weight of the 3 folders already placed within it. This is a piece clearly destined for posterity.

Obviously my desk still needs a lot of work. (Can you even spot the folder holder in there?) But I think this will be a great start to what is sure to be a K'nex-filled organizational revolution.

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