Sunday, May 9, 2010

the things that were free

Here's a picture of (most) of the free stuff I got at the exchange! (Not pictured are a dress, a pair of sweatpants shorts, and an earring display). You can see the lovely USA cork board in the back (which I found out was previously owned by my favorite elementary school teacher Mrs. Smith!) and everything is sitting on the amazing craft table I got from Jen Majors (note the electrical capabilities as seen on the lower right corner of the table).

On the far right of the photo you can see a giant coil of wire which is one of my favorite secret craft things! It's old telephone wire and it comes covered in this ugly tan casing, but inside the wire is coated in individually lovely colors. Usually they are primary colors like red and yellow, sometimes with a strand of black or green, but this one has these cool pastel-type colors! When I was little my mom taught me how to make little rings and jewelry out of it to play with and I remember I having so much fun with it! I'm gonna try and use these wires in a book, like a Japanese stab binding or something where you can pretty much use whatever for the binding because it doesn't need to be thread.

Speaking of books, I got a bunch of kids books I'm going to take apart and put random pages into new books. Sort of like my remnant books that I did earlier but smaller because the pages are smaller. I also found this sweet tiny belt that I'm going to attach to a book so that it can be the clasp that closes it all up. If it was bigger I would totally wear it but it is for tiny people so it will be given to a book instead!

I have, of course, many many craft plans for pretty much all of these things and I am SUPER excited! Now I just need to finish all of my other craft projects so I can get started on these ones...

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