Monday, February 8, 2010

boston's costin'

This weekend I went up to Boston for an interview at the North Bennet Street School and also visited my favorite Bostonian, Jen Porter! My interview was at 11 am on Friday, so I took the MegaBus from New York up to Boston Thursday night, then took the T (the Boston subway) to Jen's apartment. I've only been to her home once before, in August, as a stop on the epic Cassi and Jace roadtrip. She had literally just moved in and Jace and I helped her move the last of her things from her old house to her new place. The three of us slept there before either of her other roommates did. This time both the roommates were there, plus furniture and food. Very strange. I got to sleep on a blow up mattress instead of the floor and the shower had an actual shower curtain! It was like a whole new world.

Friday I went to my interview and while I was slightly concerned about getting lost and being late (because I am often both of those things) I ended up arriving 5 minutes early. Miraculous! I interviewed with Bob Delaney who is the nicest guy. He was a few minutes late for the interview because he was out buying pizza for the jewelery department so as an apology he brought me down a delicious slice of veggie pizza while I was talking to Jeff Altepeter, the head of and main instructor in the bookbinding department. What a man! Besides talking with Jeff, who was super helpful and answered all my many questions, I talked to almost all the first year students who are currently enrolled and got to see and learn about the projects that they've done so far and projects they're currently working on. I. Am. In. Love. Each student gets their own workbench where they can store all of their tools and materials and projects and it is amazing! The classes are small—each year only has 8 students total—and I got a real feeling of comradery when I was there. It was clear that they all loved what they were doing and got along with each other and Jeff, their instructor. I ended up spending about 2 and 1/2 hours at the school, just chatting with people and asking questions. If I get accepted into this program it would complete me.

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Autumn Lynn said...

So much fun :) Good luck!