Monday, August 31, 2009

boston boston, bo-boston, banana-fanna, fo-foston,!

Today and yesterday we were in Boston! With Jen! What could be better?! I'll tell you what: nothing. Jen is one of my most favorite people in the whole world and I have now decided that Boston is one of my favorite places. The plan is to move up there at some point in the next year. That's right: Portland is out and Boston is in!

When Jace and I arrived Saturday night we met Jen at her new apartment (which I am in love with) then went out to eat at a phenomenal vegetarian restaurant called Veggie Planet. That's right, I ate at a vegetarian restaurant and not only did I not complain about it, I LOVED it. If I continue to hang out with the Jace Face and move up and live with Jen I think I will become vegetarian through the shear force of peer pressure. Also I have developed a new-found love for vegetables. And not just the normal ones like broccoli and carrots, but eggplant, zucchini, and water chestnuts. Yum! 

After dinner we went to J. P. Licks where Jen, Jace, and I ordered peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie hard yogurt, oreo cake batter ice cream, and pistachio ice cream respectively. We ate it at the window bar where we had a lovely view of a young couple sitting at a table outside the shop where the boy would not stop touching the girl: hugging, kissing, rubbing her back, playing with her hair... Really, man? She's trying to eat. And so are we. My favorite part of the whole thing was when her parents, whom they had apparently been waiting for, showed up. Very classy.

Today I went to church with the Jen and, in contrast to camp where I felt really old, I suddenly felt like a baby: the average age of the singles ward is 28 and Jen, at 22, is the youngest one in the ward. It was pretty good: you could tell that the members who were there were all pretty smart, and not just because they are doing things like getting Ph. D's at Harvard. (Though several of them are.) The last hour was a combined meeting where we talked about what else other than dating and marriage? Makes me sick. To quote Jen, "If we talked about it less it would happen more." Here here. I just went to my happy place and tried not to let the talk of how being single makes us feel like we are less complete human beings and all that nonsense bother me. It helped to have Jen there because we could help each other out. She's the best.

After church we met up with the Jace who had been exploring the city all morning and went on a parknic (translation: picnic in a park) at Boston Commons. We ate cucumber and sharp cheddar pita sandwiches and strawberries with Nutella. It was the best meal. Then we went wading in the Frog Pond where Jace tried several times (unsuccessfully) to flip me in, then we took a nap. Seriously, probably my favorite day of the whole trip. Also, walking back to the T (Bostonian for subway/metro) we found a cell phone on a bench that was ringing. So we answered it. It was John. I said, "Hello, John. We just found this cell phone on a bench in Boston Commons by the Tadpole Playground." He said it was his friend's and he'd probably be looking for it so we said we'd leave it on the bench where we found it so he could tell his friend where to find it. It was a disposable cell phone which, PS, I didn't even know existed, and it was slightly sketchy. I hope its owner found it. Unless he was a drug dealer. In which case I kinda hope he didn't.

For dinner Jace made us AMAZING stir fry that we ate on a rug since Jen does not yet have a table in her home (a rugnic, if you will). Also, I just realized that when I'm with Jen I talk about food a lot. It is because she knows a lot about it. Also, when I'm with her I always eat delicious food. She is good for my health in so many ways! Except for the cookies... After dinner we made chocolate chip/snickers cookies that were huge and tasty and then we went into sugar shock and fell asleep. Well, more or less.

Also, the vest was there.


Clarence Pimptown said...

ha ha ha i'm pretty sure you meant "hear hear."
otherwise, flawless entry.

steph goodson said...

oh cassi. I miss you. Also you look adorable.