Thursday, January 28, 2010

the etsy revolution

I've done it. It's official. There's no going back. I officially started my etsy store today when I posted my first item, an envelope Valentine's book. The store is called A Book Full and can be found at As of this moment that is the only item listed, and there is only one, but in reality I am working on a couple more variations of this same book, as well as other books entirely.

I wish I'd gotten the first book done and posted sooner because it's a really cute Valentine's Day gift, especially for new married couples and stuff, though I think the only reason I think that is because my group of friends is slowly but largely seeping slowly over into that other realm of married-ones. (Note: Guys this would be a great gift for your lovely wives...) I only posted the one book because I don't think enough people will see it/want it enough to order it in the next week or so before Valentine's Day to make it worth my time to make more (at least, this year) but if anyone knows for sure that they want one let me know and we can make it happen fo' sho'.

Yay for being a small business... owner? starter? crafter? ...person.

The book.
The inside of... the book.

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Anonymous said...

coolest. book. ever.