Friday, June 19, 2009

salt of the earth

So this guy Dave Adams called ABC4 after he saw our story on Tuesday. He owns a collision repair business (Adams G-3 Collision Repair in Orem) and said that he'd fix Chris's and my cars for free! What a man! I took my car in this morning at 8 am and they had it done by 5 pm so I could pack it up and pack it to drive across the country the next day. These guys are just really good guys. Joe, Dave's brother, told me that once a year they have a raffle thing where they give away a car they've fixed up to a single mom who's going to school and doesn't have transportation. How great is that? Check out Dave's interview on ABC4 ("under ABC gets results with Provo drugged moose story").

I gave Dave a Garrett the Carrot to say thanks for all his great work. My dad would be proud.

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